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నుచ్చినుండే |Healthy NUCCHINUNDE recipe by vismai food| Nuchina unde recipe in Telugu| Habe vada


నుచ్చినుండే|Healthy NUNCHINUNDE recipe by vismai food| Nuchina unde recipe in Telugu| Habe vada

Hello Foodies!
Nunchinunde | Nunchina unde is the protein-rich recipe from Karnataka. Nuchina unde is also called as Nunchinunde, habe vada. Nunchinaunde is a steamed dal dumpling with lots of lentils. The steamed dumplings are filled with lots of protein.

Nunchinunde can serve as a breakfast, lunch and dinner as well. Traditional Nunchinunde is made only with dals and serves with ghee. But I changed according to the taste. I include Onions and Rice to make more moist and tasty even after hours.

Nunchinunde is served with Hing ghee, to make the digestion process soon. If you are a vegan you can skip this and enjoy the NUCCHINUNDE as it is.

Do try the recipe and share your feedback.
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