Refund Policy

1- Refund Page.

Channel membership refund policies

  • You may cancel your paid channel membership at any time. Once you cancel, you won’t be charged again. You will still have access to perks until the end of your billing cycle.
  • You won't be refunded for the time between when you cancel and when your channel membership officially ends.
  • We don’t give refunds or credits for partially elapsed billing periods.

2- Advertisement refund policies.

How refunds work

  • You can request a refund by canceling your Ads account while there is credit in the account. We'll automatically initiate a refund to your bank account or credit card associated with your Ads account.
  • Processing time: Refunds take 2 weeks to process, and additional time for your credit card company to process.
  • If you paid by money transfer, we'll ask for your bank account details to process the refund. Instructions for how to send us your account information can be found below.

Reasons a refund might not be available

We don't offer refunds in these cases:

  • You have money left over in your account from a promotional code.
  • Your account is still active.
  • You have an outstanding balance that you still need to pay